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    1. News & Announcements

      New Servers, Updates, Rules, Staff Changes, Projects, Upcoming Events..


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    2. Rules & Regulations

      Head over all this board to find/know more informations about our server/forum rules.

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    3. Introduce Yourself

      New member? Introduce yourself here!

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    4. Suggestions / Feebacks

      You want to improve our community with your suggestions? You come to the right place

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    5. Donations

      Head over this board to find more informations about donations.

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    6. CS1.6 Boost list.

      Here it's the board related to all the cs 1.6 servers boostings.

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    1. Counter-Strike 1.6 Center

      Head over this board to know/find more informations about our CS:1.6 Servers

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    1. Admin Applications

      Here you can apply for admin on our servers 

      Moderator: [DM Manager], [Manager], [DD2 Manager], [JB Manager], [SM Manager], [ZE Manager], [ZP Manager]
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    2. Other Applications

      Here you can apply for be a board moderator of a board or a Server Manager in one of our servers.

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    1. Report a Player Section

      Someone cheating or misbehaving while no admins are online? Report their conduct here and we'll do the rest!

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    2. Unban Requests

      Here you may appeal your ban on the community which will be reviewed by a member of the Unban Panel.

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    3. Complaints Section

      If you feel that anything is going wrong in the community or if you are willing to report a specific member of the staff team, then you can file a complaint in this corner.

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    1. Clan Recruitment.

      Head over all this board if you want to recruit for a new clan (in untG.)

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    2. Clan Requests

      Here you can do a request if you want to do a clan with your friends. it's the right place.

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    3. Community Clans

      Here you will see the largest list of all the untG's Clans.

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    1. Video Games

      Get the most authoritative and unbiased reviews for the latest PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, 3DS, and DS video games at CSBD.

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    3. Movies & Animes

      This board special for movies and animes, streaming, new releases , reviews ... ect

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    1. Giveaways / Free Games Notifications

      you're in lack of money? Then this is the board for you!



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    1. Report Bugs

      If you see any bugs on our community please post here, to help us.

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    2. Your Computer's Bugs

      You had problems on your pc, try to post it here maybe we can help you.

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    1. Trashed topics

      Useless topics will be moved to this board.

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